Day 2 – April 5, 2017 The beginning of it all.

Hi! I am probably just like you searching the internet for the best way to lose weight once and for all.  I have googled countless diets and read some of the more recent popular books but still couldn’t find anything that worked for me.  I wanted something I could actually stick to and reach my goals.  I also wanted to make sure that what I’m doing is safe and healthy.  Then I remembered what actually worked for me in 2014 and that was….drum roll please…smoothies!!! Yes, I lost 50 pounds in 3 months doing a main diet of smoothies! Then I got married. LOL. Anyways, 3 years later and one baby and I’m in the place where I need to lose again.  So here I go!  This time I need to lose 100 pounds.  Join me on my journey …I’m sure there will be ups and downs and many, many questions along the way!

Oh yeah and I am a weighin junkie.  I don’t know how people wait to see what’s going on one day a week.  I can’t handle that so …yesterday I was 292 and today I am 287.  I didn’t believe it so I stepped on the scale 3x like I always do.  Gotta make sure I was standing with both feet on the ground LOL.




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