I’m baaaaaaack! I won’t give up trying. March 15, 2018.

Hi folks! So, like the title says I’m back! I have to get this right. I can’t give up and I won’t. I know God is my help in time of need and I need all the help I can get. After all this time I gained back the weight. I’m now back starting at a whooping 295lbs. Can you believe I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted and this is where it brought me to. Stupid, down right stupid. I wasted many months and I could have been down to 199 by now I’m sure of it. Instead I have gone the other way and am at a point where this is just ridiculous. I have to get my weight right. I have to learn how to eat properly and I just can’t seem to do it. I look at the big picture and think man how is this ever going to happen. One day at a time and just sippin on smoothies is how I need to do this. I tried low carb and keto but stumble when I don’t know what to cook or don’t feel like cooking. Smoothies for me take the guess work out of eating. You really can’t go wrong drinking smoothies. I know for a fact I get way more veges and fruit in my daily diet as opposed to unhealthy carbs…like pasta and rice. I am documenting this as best as I can so you can follow me on fb, instagram or right here. 🙂 Thanks for following and this is gonna be fun!

Sippin to Skinny


7 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaack! I won’t give up trying. March 15, 2018.

  1. You can do this! I am working with my mother who is starting her own journey from a similar weight and her goal is to get down at least 30 pounds a year. We have a long journey ahead of us to ensure that she is adopting habits for a long term change as opposed to gunning for quick results. You can do it one step at a time and if you need an ear you are not alone!
    Best wishes and good luck!

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      1. Yes! Knowledge is power and that long term lifestyle change is everything. Finding positive energy and a positive accountability group can really change your mindset on making the changes you need and want to make! Smoothies are an amazing option to help get yourself back on track. I drink one everyday myself and you are spot on when you say they boost your fruit and veggie intake. Great choice!

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