Day 143 – August 24, 2017 Back in keto and lost a pound!


Yay!! After 3 days I finally got back into ketosis! I checked last night and was happy to see the kitostix change colors! Then I stepped on the scale to see I dropped one pound! How on earth does that happen when you’re eating bacon, eggs, cheese and caesar dressing?!!! I’m one happy camper. I’m glad that I’m never hungry. I only eat when I’m hungry and am surprised that my calories intake is usually around 1500. I don’t count every day but I have basically the same thing at breakfast as lunch the only variable is my dinner. I don’t have a need to snack at night because I’m stuffed from dinner, bonus! I now weigh 247lbs!

Is there an easier way to cutting up beans and prepping them cause this has to be one of the most annoying veges to get ready to eat LOL.

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Day 142 – August 23, 2017 not in keto yet!

Last night I used one of the ketostix to see if I entered ketosis since Sunday and it clearly read that I had not. I’m not sure how long it takes to get back into ketosis but I’m hoping by Friday I will be. One good thing is I haven’t gained anymore weight I am remaining steadfast at 248lbs. I have to get to the gym too. I bought some weights for at home to just get some arm workouts in it’s just making the time to do it. My husband’s work schedule is all over the place and I’m a creature of habit. I like to do the same things at the same time and if that doesn’t happen I get thrown off. What does it matter about my husband’s work schedule, you ask? Well, I drive him and pick him up because we only have one vehicle. That’s why. He works overtime alot lately so I never really know when he’ll be done it’s within a 3 hour span usually. I’m sure you can imagine what that’s like! Hoping I can get this figured out.

The picture up above was last night’s dinner a recipe I got off of diet doctor’s website. I am shocked at how many good recipes they have on that site! Everyone loved the meatballs and surprisingly it was very satiating! Tonight I’m going to just keep it simple and fast. Have a great day guys!

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Day 141 – August 22, 2017 KFC chicken is not good for you but it sure does taste good!

Got ya!!! It’s not KFC, nope not at all. It’s a really good recipe that I found on Diet Doctor’s website. The batter is sour cream, jamaican jerk seasoning, salt, pork rinds and coconut flakes! My husband said it was so good that he preferred it over any other fried chicken he’s had!! Yes, it was that good. I don’t know who came up with the recipe but it is well worth the time that it takes to make it.

I haven’t lost anything I’m still at 248lbs. Hoping things will start going again.

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Day 140 – August 21, 2017 Buffet, oh oh.

So last night we broke. We went to a buffet that we hadn’t been to in a very long time. I gained 2 pounds but I’m right back at it today. I read that doing a re-feed for carbs is a good thing but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. All I know is I messed up. I can’t give up though and I will continue on. I just saw this girl in a FB keto group who posted pics of her progress on this diet and they were amazing! She weighed 300+ and dropped 19 lbs in a week. That’s alot of weight!! I am liking the recipes and do believe I can stick to it. I am having issues with going to the bathroom so I will need to take a fiber supplement of some sort. The only time I went to the bathroom every day was on my smoothie diet. It’s crazy because I’m not sure why there is such a difference. Maybe it’s because on the smoothie diet I had alot of fruit? My protein was very high on that diet too but higher carbs then fat. Now things have switched I have a very high diet in fat, moderate amount of protein and very little carbs. It’s amazing to me how your body reacts to the different macros. I’m still learning.

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Day 138 – August 19, 2017 Caesar Salad?!!

Probably my most fav food in the world has to be a caesar salad and you know what?! On this diet it’s actually allowed!!! Ok, all but the croutons are allowed. We had burgers without buns and caesar salad for dinner last night. It was great! Today I stepped on the scale and unbelievably to me, I lost another pound! I am now weighing 246lbs. Almost back down to where I left off before I came off my smoothie diet. Part of me thinks that an overly high diet in fat can’t possibly be good, despite all the articles I’ve read. My husband and I were talking about it this morning. He said the most important thing is to keep the carbs low. He’s not a fan of having a high diet in fat so apart from what I make for dinner he’s having a more balanced protein to fat ratio. I’m going to give it a go for another week and see how my stomach is and how the bathroom stuff goes LOL. I need to do something that I will be able to stick to long term. If it were just about eating this would be fine because you eat when you’re hungry and don’t need to count calories! We shall see what happens though.

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Day 137 – August 18, 2017 Down a pound!

Yay! I lost a pound, not sure how with all the food I’ve been eating, especially the high fat but it’s true! I now weigh 247lbs. I haven’t been feeling to hot the last few days though. I was light headed and had a bit of a headache. I probably don’t drink enough water, that’s a given but I’m not sure if that’s why or if it was something else. I am going to continue on and see how it all works out in the end.

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Day 135 – August 16, 2017 In ketosis!

Morning! Last night I went to Walmart and bought some ketostix. I was curious and wanted to know if I’m in a state of “ketosis” LOL. Sure enough, I am! So this is the 6th day of being on this keto diet and I can tell you on this diet, you are not hungry. The high fat does make you full. I can’t get my head around the whole not counting calories thing because I know things like olive oil and butter are high in calories. I steered clear of these things when cooking and now I add extra whenever I can! Like I said I’m full, I’m definitely not starving. I used to have to have my night time smoothie but snacks are the last thing on my mind after eating a high fat dinner. As for being in ketosis, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to “feel like” but I don’t really feel any different. I am not craving sugar which makes things alot easier! We did have some sugar free jello yesterday and for some reason I thought it was super sweet, so sweet in fact that I really wasn’t head over heels for it. I better fill you in on the bathroom side of things while I’m at it. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since Sunday so last night I drank some fiber powder before I went to bed. I don’t like taking things like this because I always think that if you’re eating right you shouldn’t have to take extra things but I felt like I had no other choice. Happy to say it worked! This morning I went to the bathroom so I will have to take this at least once a day. I’m eating vegetables but I guess for my body it’s just not enough. I have been trying all sorts of new recipes that fit a keto diet and shockingly last night I ate baked cherry tomatoes!! I hate and I mean hate tomatoes but for some reason out of the oven tasted really good! The kids weren’t crazy about the veges but they’ll adjust. Dinner was oven roasted sausages with zucchini, onions, garlic and tomatoes topped with parmesan cheese. It called for mozzarella cheese but after my husbands episode the night before I thought I’d swap it out for some parmesan because it doesn’t seem to affect my husbands stomach. Speaking of my hubby, he’s feeling better but extremely frustrated with his stomach and what he can put it in and what he can’t. We just can’t seem to figure out how to fix it and the doctor just gave him pills which he can’t handle. The pills made him slow in the head and he has a job that requires him to be on point physically and mentally. I really wish we could get this figured out. I gotta get going, hope you have a great day!

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Day 134 – August 15, 2017 Really bad night.

Good morning. So last night I made the keto, fathead pizza. It was good but very, very, filling. A serving is half a pizza or 3 slices. I ate 2 slices and because I’m a slow eater I stopped at the 2 and probably could have stopped at 1 but it tasted so good, that I ate the other one. My husband ate 4 slices and my teenage son ate 5. There’s a reason why I’m telling you this. About 1/2 hour after we ate my teenager ran to the bathroom and for the next 3 hours was in and out with diarrhea. We were scared he had caught the flu or something. Then about 3 hours after dinner my husband was in the bathroom too. I thought oh man am I next? I have 2 other little ones and both had under 2 slices so I wasn’t sure if this was going to become a problem as we only have one bathroom. Yes, in this day and age I believe there should never be less than one bathroom for a family of more than 1 LOL. Back to last night, my poor husband was in the bathroom on and off all night unlike my teenage son. It was awful. I feel so bad for him. We think he has IBS or some form of it, it’s just really hard to pin point what foods set it off. He’s finally sleeping now the last time he was in the bathroom I think was between 5-6 this morning. I am pretty sure he’s going to say to heck with this diet. I would too but I really think that it was a quantity issue of way to much cheese. When your used to eating 3-4 pieces of a normal pizza it’s weird to be satiated with 1 to 2. I asked a Doctor who specializes in keto diets so I hope I get to hear back from him today or within the next few days at least.

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Day 133 – August 14, 2017 Lost 3 pounds!

I can’t believe it! I was shocked this morning to see the number 248! Friday morning I was 251 and now I’m down 3lbs! I ate around 1500 calories give or take. It’s kind of hard to count the calories when everything isn’t seperate like the above meal. It was burgers and a tomato sauce with fried onions. I have to tell you it was a homerun! Everyone loved the burgers and the kids had rice with it but not my husband nor I. I was pretty full but my husband wasn’t. He did snack on some pork rinds a few hours later and was just fine. I sure do hope this continues to work out. I’m hopeful. I have to get this weight off!!! I’ll be posting lots of pics and try to blog everyday to just let everyone know how it’s going. Thank you for all the encouragement ya’ll have given me! Onwards, soldiers!

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Day 132 – August 13, 2017 Back with a Vengeance!!

The fight against the fat returns after a week long vacation. I am back! I quit my smoothie diet last week and just ate all the wrong stuff and gained back 6 pounds. During that time, I had a few much need lunch and dinner dates with my husband and as a family we all went out for lunch. There’s such a social part to eating that I missed. I decided during this time that I can’t gain back everything I worked so hard to take off so I knew I needed to not give up and to just try something new. It’s keto time. What’s that you say? Well, it’s a diet that can be a lifestyle. Apparently Halle Berry does it too! Oh ahh. Anyways, it’s a high fat, moderate amount of protein and very, very low carbs. I started this diet on Friday. So far, I am not really counting calories but I did log my food in fitness pal and I have been eating around 1500 calories. I am eating just until full and not eating if I’m not hungry. I’ve seen many people that have had success with this diet and I’m excited to see how I will do. My husband has agreed to do this with me which I’m hoping he’ll be able to do. He has IBS we think so a high fat diet may or may not work for him. I have had my gallbladder removed and I’m hoping this won’t be an issue for me. I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

Here’s the numbers, I gained 5 pounds…so on Friday morning I weighed 251lbs. I don’t want to weigh myself for at least a week because I’m kinda scared that I’ll gain weight but we shall see!!

Also I must say the smoothie diet does work…I lost 47 lbs in just over 3 months. I just need a change.

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