Day 119 – Oct 19, 2017 Oatmeal is not so good.

Hi guys!! So I am trying to eat better which is why there’s a picture of oatmeal up there. I used to buy those Quaker Oatmeal packages that come in a variety of yummy flavours like apples and cinnamon or maple and sugar…who doesn’t like maple and sugar?!!! My kids loveeeee and I mean love it! I don’t buy them or cereal anymore because I want my kids to start eating better too. In an effort to eat better I went to the store and bought some apples and a container of old fashioned oats. Did you know that there are 3 kinds of oats? I had no clue. There’s steelcut which is the least processed out of the three, then there’s old fashioned and the most processed being quick oats. Now, I thought using the middle one would be good to try, only because there wasn’t any steel cut at Walmart LOL. I tried one recipe yesterday that was with apples and cinnamon. It was good but mushy like. I’m not even sure how mushy it’s supposed to be or even if it’s meant to be! I cooked it in the crockpot all night so that it would stink up the house. It worked! The kids were like what’s that smell?! I loved the smell. The taste was just ok. I ate it and everyone else did too. Today I tried pumpkin and raisins! It was still mushy from being in the crockpot but surprisingly pumpkin tastes pretty good in oatmeal! My oldest opted out of the oatmeal and has decided he will make toast for breakfast. The only thing I need to figure out it how to get it to taste a little bit sweeter. I used stevia powder but I’m not sure about how much to use. I’m also thinking about throwing something crunchy in there for texture like granola or blueberries! If you have any tips for me please fill me in! I haven’t lost any weight for a long time now because I keep messing up but I will get this thing figured out!!

Have a great day guys!